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Art Boutique Hotels That Inspire

by internationalbanker

Art is indeed an experience in itself. Art can stir and inspire. Art can move one to tears or draw one into deep reflection. And today, more and more hotels are bringing all types of artwork through their doors to inject a whole new level of wonder into their guests’ experiences.

For the discerning traveller who has an exceptionally selective taste for art, any hotel just won’t cut it. In-room artwork, combined with well-appointed accommodations and personalized service, can make a stay in a luxury art boutique hotel the perfect getaway.

The following luxury art boutique hotels redefine what it means to travel in style. The carefully curated art pieces in the rooms and halls allow each guest a one-of-a-kind experience, through which he or she can feel part of a bigger work of art.

Hotel TwentySeven, Amsterdam, Netherlands

© Hotel TwentySeven

In the middle of Amsterdam’s vibrant beating heart, Dam Square, is a unique art boutique hotel. Tagged as one of the best hotels in Amsterdam, this all-suite art hotel redefines luxury, with sumptuous décor and attentive butler service. And to give guests a sense of peace and well-being as soon as they enter through its grandiose doors, a signature scent custom-designed by Delush permeates the whole space to tell them that they are in the best place they can ever be.

© Hotel TwentySeven

What makes Hotel TwentySeven a standout, however, are the stunning art pieces throughout the hotel. In the lobby, dominating the space, is the backlit onyx reception area. Meanwhile, the exquisite period stained glass and intricate decorative tiles that have been painstakingly restored draw attention. The carefully curated art pieces from a local art gallery, a cultured emphasis within the grandiose interior of the hotel, catch the eye. Statement pieces sourced from different parts of the world all work together to create a chic and remarkable feel: handwoven carpets from Nepal, French-designed wallpapers, damask fabrics from Venice and silks from France, to name a few.

This luxury art boutique hotel provides outstanding service. Dedicated butlers are assigned to every suite, and guests can have access to personal assistants, shoppers and trainers. Meanwhile, the hotel’s restaurant, Bougainville, ranks among the topbills. It is led by its executive chef, Tim Golsteijn, and offers the finest gastronomic experiences finished off by award-winning vintage wines.

Of course, we can’t expect anything less from the world-famous design supremos Brand van Egmond, Wim van de Oudeweetering and Cris van Amsterdam. They have lent their skills through the modern sculpted fixtures and fittings as well as the rich art pieces—all matching the hotel’s decadent Art Nouveau theme. 

Hotel Unique, São Paulo, Brazil

© Hotel Unique

Hotel Unique’s charm is really out of the ordinary, living up to its name. Its imposing façade, for one, is a glorious curiosity; a semi-circle, it resembles an ark or even a slice of watermelon with the round windows as its seeds. While it is indeed unique, it is up there with the best of the best in terms of utmost hospitality and luxurious amenities.

São Paulo is a vibrant city due to its social and cultural scenes, not to mention its crowds and traffic. However, Hotel Unique is an imposing structure that magnificently—and interestingly—sticks out against the landscape. Its curious structure designed by Brazil’s very own renowned architect Ruy Ohtake is a character in itself, giving guests a taste of the quirks to expect inside.

© Hotel Unique

The interior of this luxury boutique hotel is unmistakably modern, with touches of eccentricity here and there. The floor plan follows an orchestrated elliptical design, wherein guests follow the halls in wonder until they wind up in their all-white South Beach-style rooms. Inside, the exquisitely eccentric art continues, but in a muted fashion, as every piece of furniture or fixture is a work of art in itself.

Meanwhile, the top-level boasts of one of São Paulo’s most-talked-about rooftop bars, the Skye Bar. Here, guests can sample the signature wasabi cocktails and enjoy overlooking one of Brazil’s prime locations, Jardim Paulista, and, a little beyond, the lush Ibirapuera Park.

Rome Cavalieri, Rome, Italy

© Rome Cavalieri

Synonymous with unparalleled luxury and style is Waldorf Astoria’s Rome Cavalieri, the only luxury art boutique hotel in the Eternal City that boasts of four swimming pools and an undisputed 3-star Michelin Restaurant for 10 consecutive years. While this boutique hotel is more old-fashioned than most of the artsy ones sprouting up in all corners of the globe, Rome Cavalieri maintains its charm with its classic grandeur. From top-tier butler services to  palatial suites and enormous verdant grounds, this hotel is sure to captivate the most discriminating traveller.

Its 1960s architecture is punctuated by original fine art and antiques. In fact, the hotel wows guests with its more than 1,000 paintings and sculptures as well as designer furnishings. For example, there are historical treasures such as Rudolf Nureyev’s costumes, French Art Nouveau hand-blown glasses and Flemish tapestries. The collection of museum-worthy masterpieces is in itself an experience and a sight to behold, like jewels on a crown.

© Rome Cavalieri

Meanwhile, the extravagant suites open up a world of comfort in utter luxury, with tufted velvet, wood panels, rich hardwood and gold leaf decorating the interiors. Another standout feature is Rome Cavalieri’s La Pergola, which is dubbed as “The Best Restaurant in Rome”. The dining room features a sweeping vista of the city. Guests can enjoy the culinary creations of Executive Chef Heinz Beck, complemented by Master Sommelier Marco Reitano’s wine selections.

Indeed, the hotel’s signature style is something that truly enchants and inspires.

Artist Residence, London, England

© Artist Residence

For a taste of the laid-back without any compromises on comfort and luxury, Artist Residence London creates that most perfect blend. Like a painter mixing pigments on a palette to create a harmonious work of art, this artsy 10-bedroom haven mixes tastefully chic interiors with familiar and unpretentious amenities—and, of course, uniquely captivating works of contemporary art.

© Artist Residence

Artist Residence can truly provide a warm welcome for the weary, especially the crafty. Creativity isn’t spared in any space of this boutique hotel, and guests can find themselves feeling right at home in any of the rooms, which are distinctly designed to stand out from each other. From the original brick fireplaces to the antler chandeliers, the vintage tea-chest bedside tables to the field-gate headboards, pop prints to animal etchings…the contrasts somehow work together to awaken and inspire a renewed sense of appreciation for contemporary art.

Its 10 bedrooms each have quirky furnishings, and each is indeed an artist’s respite. The hotel has free Wi-Fi throughout, Nespresso coffee machines, Joe’s teas, Smeg refrigerators and Bramley natural bath products. Aside from the custom ‘30s French-style bathtubs, the establishment has tucked away treasures such as the Club Suite’s star, artist Dave White’s sparkling disco shark that adorns the bathroom. 

Final words

People travel for many reasons, and they are inspired by their journeys in different ways. Some are revived by breathtaking landscapes, while others find comfort in lush accommodations. Some seek royalty spa treatments, while others are into adrenaline-pumping experiences.

There are also those who are inspired and stirred by art—and are drawn to luxury boutique hotels that house all types of artwork. The artwork doesn’t just serve as décor but also as an experience in itself, making a respite in any of these hotels even more memorable and wonderful.


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Park Hotel Freak February 19, 2020 - 12:01 pm

There are really some gems in here but for me one of my favorite hotels I’ve every stayed in is missing. It’s a park hotel in Switzerland (not going into details to avoid advertisement). Also a very exclusive boutique hotel I would always come back to.


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