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Calivigny Island

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By Emily Frost

If the personification of unadulterated luxury is ever deemed a necessity, do not be surprised if Calivigny Island becomes a strong candidate for that epitome. Starting from as little as $10,000 per night, its location, off the coast of Grenada, can be reached before a yachts mainsail has been fully hoisted. That $10,000 affords total possession, from 4pm until 10am the following day, of a bungalow with two bedrooms. There are three bungalows, as well as a villa with nine suites and a beach house with a further ten. If required, the entire residency can be hired for $165, 000 per night.

cal2However, to refer to these magnificent dwellings in such loose terms should be regarded as nothing less than Philistinism. Every square inch of each room has been treated with foresight-insight and hindsight by its French owners. Marble tiles, Persian rugs, exquisite designer furniture and walls adorned with expensive works of art being the host’s choice of decor. The French Colonial/Balinese Beach House is considered, by those in the field, to be a piece of architectural genius. It goes without saying, of course, that every modern gadget and amenity is at hand. A full size snooker table, grand piano, movie screen and gymnasium are all part of an indoor list.

Guests who manage to leave those lavish surroundings behind and venture outdoors are greeted by paradise. Gardens have been skillfully and tastefully created from the islands natural tropical growth. There are six exclusive white sandy beaches; all being lapped by the warm clear water of the Caribbean Sea. One of those beaches is a protected nesting site for the Giant Leatherback Turtle. Guests are treated to the wondrous nesting cycle of these amazing creatures. It ends with tiny hatchlings, instinctively scurrying across the sand to reach the safety of the ocean. While the vast majority of turtle activity takes place under moonlight, the sun is simply perfect for self indulgence. If guests find swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing a little tiresome, they can always take a peek at the outdoor facility list. Fishing aboard a 27ft Boston Whaler (motorized sport fishing boat) perhaps? Or take the explorer submarine to have a close look at the coral and its inhabitants? The 38 ft Landing Craft comes in very handy for those less energetic journeys around the islands waters. Sleeping 12, the more adventurous can cruise aboard the 173 ft sailing yacht. Then for lovers of extreme deep sea fishing there is, sleeping 8, the Sperefish an 86 ft luxury fishing boat. Although some guests feel that simple pleasures such as wakeboards, jet and water skis work better in counteracting the strains of wealth.

Mealtimes are when guests decide and always special occasions; world class chefs seem to have that effect. Guests usually trust the imagination of these highly talented artists of cuisine for a gastronomic delight, though literally any request will be catered to. Joining the chefs in the cast of highly trained staff are 10 housekeepers, 3 managers, 2 drivers and security Knowledgeable, in every aspect of the island, each of these staff members will move the proverbial mountains to ensure a guests total satisfaction. All that is asked of guests is that they try and give an hours notice if they would like to have, a personal firework display, or trained musicians to play at a spontaneous cocktail party. Oh, they should also try to remember where they left the submarine. As one particular renowned guest remarked-‘Calivigny Island is more than adequate until the trips to space begin in earnest.’

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