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Three of the Best Luxury Private-Island Hideaways in the Caribbean

by internationalbanker

By Tiffany Ryes, International Banker

For those who are after a quiet, peaceful hideaway in the Caribbean, while still enjoying all the comforts and luxuries of being in a top-notch resort, a lavish private-island holiday is simply the perfect choice. Well-heeled travelers can simply hop onto their private jets to the islands anytime they crave a getaway, either alone or with family and friends. This is especially true since these resorts are available all year round. They can enjoy lounging along the beach or participating in diving and watersports any day of the year.

Furthermore, the Caribbean is infamously boundless when it comes to breathtaking views, pristine beaches, and superb hotels and resorts. However, none can offer the exclusivity, privacy, seclusion and relaxation that a private-island resort does. So for the luxury traveler with discriminating tastes, the following private islands are the crème de la crème when it comes to that perfect balance between exclusivity and extravagance. 

Mustique, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Blending sophisticated luxury with the exquisite beauty of nature in one small package that is an exclusive private island, Mustique is indeed a place of mystique.

From the turquoise sea to the pristine powder-white sand and all the way to the well-appointed villas, everything exudes relaxation, calm and beauty—the very things that money can’t buy. And yet, those with the most discerning penchants pay a premium to flock to this gem of an island in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It is indeed paradise on earth.

From couples needing a serene and romantic getaway to family-vacation splurges to a group of 12 or more, Mustique offers a variety of accommodations that are all equally indulgent. Guests can opt to stay in the Cotton House, with its 15 well-appointed rooms and suites. Each accommodation features elevated bathtubs, outdoor showers and breathtaking Caribbean sunsets out on elaborate and airy seaside balconies. For more privacy, guests can also choose from among the many exclusive and fully staffed villas scattered around the island.

Meanwhile, island dining offerings consist of three restaurants, at the helm of which is the Veranda. The Veranda offers an extensive selection of à la carte dishes made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. These are paired with an impressive and award-winning wine list. For a less formal flair, Beach Café on Endeavour Bay provides a casual fish restaurant offering the catches of the day. The Beach Bar, on the other hand, provides the perfect night cap with a choice of the island’s tropical cocktails.

From Saint Lucia and Barbados, Mustique Company offers regular chartered flights to the exclusive island, affording guests a definitive preview of the paradise that awaits them.

Petit Saint Vincent, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

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Ranked as one of the world’s best private-island resorts, the 115-acre Petit Saint Vincent is truly anything but small. In fact, this idyllic little island goes big when it comes to luxury, fulfilling everyone’s dream of that ultimate island escape.

Like eager castaways, guests are treated to five-star hospitality from well-trained and attentive staff. Petit Saint Vincent’s renowned signature flag system allows guests to enjoy the sanctuary of their cottages and villas without the distractions of technology, while still being pampered by superb personalized service. Different flag colors allow effective communication with staff, who are promptly there to answer every request.

In other words, a stay at Petit Saint Vincent is a truly unforgettable, immersive experience without skimping on comfort and luxury, while maintaining its drive for sustainability. Guests can relax in their spacious en suite cottages strategically scattered along the beach and on the hillside. They can also opt for the waterfront villas, with their understated elegance and luxury. And yet despite all of the amenities and lavishness, the surrounding flora and fauna make guests feel right in the heart of nature, which is relaxing and even therapeutic.

For the diner with high-end tastes, Petit Saint Vincent offers two world-class restaurants and bars, complete with a well-stocked wine cellar boasting of the finest vintages from around the world. Every dish is expertly prepared using local ingredients and thoroughly elevated by a team of renowned chefs. Dinner can be enjoyed right on the sand overlooking the Caribbean.

Overall, a luxury-island getaway to multi-award-winning Petit Saint Vincent is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that every guest would want to delight in again and again.

Isla Kiniw, Baoase, Curaçao

For the ultimate island experience, Isla Kiniw in Baoase, Curaçao, combines the intimacy of a remote island haven with the opulence of a five-star luxury resort. Those in search of a place to get away from it all and enjoy solitude with nature can find Isla Kiniw the best companion.

Accommodating a maximum of eight guests at a time, the one-square-kilometer island defines exclusivity in its finest. The light and airy yet sophisticatedly furnished villa is easily everyone’s idea of a personal and private paradise. It boasts of a 360-degree ocean view that can be enjoyed at almost any corner. It is also equipped with four inviting double bedrooms and luxurious en suite baths, well-equipped kitchen and outdoor grill, an infinity pool with pool bar, lush garden, private boat, helicopter pad and putting green, along with unlimited access to water sports. After all, Curaçao is home to the most beautiful and incredible dive sites in the world, offering wondrous sights with amazing fish and vibrant underwater reefs.

Affording guests priceless views over and under the Spanish Waters, Isla Kiniw doesn’t just stop there. The moment guests hop off the boat or helicopter after their trip to the island, they are greeted by a staff consisting of a personal chef, butlers and maids. These intuitive personnel make sure guests have everything they need, while giving them enough privacy to completely enjoy the whole island to themselves.

Everyone deserves at least one once-in-a-lifetime splurge on the Caribbean islands, particularly on one of its finest, most private-island resorts. Those who want to get away from the daily grind and the weariness of work can find more than just solace on these luxury private islands in the Caribbean. They can find one of the best first-class travel experiences they could ever have—and they’ll wish to come back again and again.


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