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PROFILE Software company and solution overview

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By Mr. Herbert Leonelli, Business Development Manager, PROFILE Software UK Office

Founded in 1990, PROFILE Software is an ISO-certified, specialised financial solutions provider, with offices in Geneva, Dubai, London, Singapore, Athens and Nicosia, delivering market-proven solutions to the Banking and Investment Management industries. PROFILE is recognised as an established and trusted partner across a number of regions, offering a wide spectrum of solutions to the financial services sector. PROFILE’s solutions enable Institutions to align their business and IT strategies while providing the necessary business agility to proactively respond to the ever-changing market conditions.


The company’s key platforms include the following:

  • IMSplus, the investment management system
  • FMS.next, the universal banking platform
  • Mobility platform
  • GS Market Suite, the trading and market data feed tool and deployment option using cloud, SaaS etc

Particularly, IMSplus covers the whole spectrum of investment operations offering solutions for Private Wealth management, Asset and Fund Management, Personal Banking & Brokerage and Custody for any types of financial institutions such as Banks, Asset & Fund Management firms, Insurance Firms, Family Offices etc. IMSplus’ modular solutions can be deployed as a whole or as a part of the business operations to successfully meet complex requirements.

FMS.next is a comprehensive universal banking platform that covers the areas of Core banking, Private and Islamic Banking, Peer-to-Peer Lending, Leasing and Financing. It can be deployed as the core banking platform of a bank or as a dedicated solution for particular functions that seamlessly integrates to existing systems. Furthermore, the solutions available in the platform can also be used by corporates to perform specific operations such as leasing, crowd-funding, etc.  The product factory functionality can be used to create new products and services, thus offering a competitive advantage.

Following international best business practices, it incorporates industry-leading and state-of-the-art technologies.

Designed and built as component-based solutionsFMS.next and IMSplus offer rich functionality through their flexible and highly adaptable structure. Emphasis has been given to accommodate the needs of financial institutions operating in diverse geographic regions, thus each one composing a truly international financial services platform.

The Mobility platform, enables financial services professional and their clients to view, monitor and manage their portfolios, transactions and reports via their mobile device (smartphone or tablet). It is packed full of natively developed functionality to ease the process and actions while complying with the highest security standards.

GS Market Suite incorporates a flexible market data feed environment with a trading tool and a mobile application that enables the modern trader (professional or individual) to effortlessly manage his trading and stock exchange info. 

Company and Product Developments

PROFILE over the past years has significantly increased its reach to international market while receiving recognition and being included in international well-established research material. In the current year, the company added new customers in its portfolio and offered new solutions to the marketplace.

Since inception, PROFILE is focused on providing innovative and flexible financial software. Its latest developments concern both product range as well as technologies used. To name a few these are:

  • IMSplus Mobility, is the mobile application for managing, portfolios, transactions, performance, reports and more either by using the IMSplus platform as a back-end system or any other 3rd party platform. The application is flexible and addresses the needs of the wealth managers and their clients that want access to their investment, on-the-go. Users can download the application on the App Store℠ or the Google Play™ Store, since it is natively developed for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® and Android™ devices.
  • FMS.next had a major upgrade in the existing platform based on the .NET technology to incorporate functionality that gives freedom to the bank to select and utilize functions as needed while new can be added at any point, thus improving banking operations.
    • In the FMS.next platform new functionality for Peer-to-peer lending has been greatly developed incorporating investment management and banking functions to better promote the P2P lending as well crowdfunding operations. Its wealth of capabilities allows for customization functions in the investor and borrower toolkit environment, risk management parameters to ensure compliance while credit history and credit scoring safeguard the business’s operations offering an automated workflow process.
    • Private Banking for Private Banks in Switzerland incorporates the wealth of attributes available in the FMS.next banking platform with the specialization of IMSplus Private Wealth Management to offer a holistic approach to the banks’ specific needs offering a targeted customer service.

PROFILE has been renowned for its unparalleled customer services and after sales support. The team of the company’s consultants is able not only to accommodate complex enquiries but most importantly advanced customisation requests to help firms optimize their operations and provide an improved client experience.

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