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International Banker will be announcing the winners of the 2016 Brokers Awards in both the print and online versions in the spring 2016 title. These prestigious awards will highlight the brokerages that provide excellent service to their customers, deliver consistent returns and are at the forefront of technology implementation. The 2016 Brokers Awards will be open to fully independent houses as well as those attached to banking institutions. The size of firm will have no bearing on the results, the criteria used will be strictly based on the quality of products and services delivered.

If you wish to nominate an organisation for an award please feel free to fill in the form below. Please be aware that in order for due diligence to be undertaken on each nominee, details such as your name, email and phone number are required.

International Banker Invites Readers to Nominate the Best Brokers of 2016

  • Please provide your details to enable us to undertake our due diligence.



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