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VSAT Technology – One Of The Best Options to Get High-Speed Internet

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Providers of Internet services still use cables for making available the required bandwidth to their customers. But, in areas where cable infrastructure does not already exist, these providers may not be able to use cables. In those areas, VSAT technology will serve the purpose.

In VSAT technology, there is an earth terminal from which signals are transmitted to the satellite through an antenna. It is from a master station from the earth that the signals are managed and commandeered. With VSAT technologies, it is possible to capture signal packets from the particular satellite that has been launched for this purpose and transmit them to various locations on the earth. Signals can be exchanged successfully at the master stations set up at these locations. Especially, in far-flung areas like deserts, secluded countryside’s, etc., this technology can be used effectively because having a cable infrastructure for the purpose of net connectivity may not be possible in such remote areas.

VSAT technology is not complicated at all and with the help of this technology, Internet connectivity can be provided at homes and offices. If you wish to use this technology and have Net connection for your home or your business, you should procure an outdoor unit called the satellite dish. The indoor unit is known as IDU and you should connect a PBX or a terminal controller to the IDU to get Net connectivity. You can connect a LAN switch also, instead of a PBX or a terminal controller. Once the link is activated and you are provided with an IP address, you can have access to the Internet.

The main advantages of VSAT technology are that it is very easy to maintain and you can have Internet connectivity even in remote areas. Troubleshooting is also very simple because the satellite and the master earth-station are directly linked and unlike in the case of cable connections, there are not many intermediaries.

Experts rate VSAT technology among the best options available now for having high-speed, reliable Internet connection. This technology can be accessed at affordable costs also because you need not buy a special software for this. Similarly, this technology does not need much hardware either, except for the satellite dish. You need not depend upon complicated networks to gain access to Internet connectivity.

Unlike in the case of a satellite TV, VSAT technology is not impacted negatively by weather issues because the dish used for this is quite large. But, you should ensure that the dish is placed facing the southern sky to access the satellite.

In the communication world there are several important things to have in place for your company to be successful. Such things like a content distribution network, VSAT technology services, interactive video services, satellite communications and wireless technology are all important pieces to have in place for your business to run smoothly. Source Artipot

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