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Your Customers and Employees are Going Mobile. Are you?

by internationalbanker

Michelle deHaaff_headshot2013 (1)By Michelle de Haaff, Vice President of Marketing, Medallia


Have you ever filled out a survey voicing a negative experience with a company, checked the “please contact me box,” and received a phone call within minutes from a concerned manager ready to make it right? Even if this scenario seems unlikely, how would that experience affect your opinion of that company?

As the globe continues to go mobile and permanently online, customer expectations for when and how fast companies engage with and resolve issues are rapidly speeding up. Also increasing are the number of channels companies communicate with and listen to customers, from contact centers, web, social, mobile, and more. Customer experience with a company isn’t just a single experience with a single associate; it’s inherently omni-channel. It’s an accumulation of multiple experiences through multiple channels and touchpoints.

Medallia is a SaaS provider that helps companies manage and deliver great experiences across all forenamed channels, empowering the right folks in the organization to take action to improve experiences every day. And having worked with some of the leading companies in customer experience, we have found that using mobile technology within an organization is a crucial and powerful tool for enlisting employees to live your customer experience mission.

Engage Your Employees through Mobile Technology

In a recent study, two-thirds of smartphone owners say they could not “live without” their devices. Well guess what: your employees feel the same way. Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, and the growing use of smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices provides a unique opportunity to engage with your employees through a channel they’re already using—mobile. To capitalize on this opportunity, Medallia designed a new mobile application that brings customer feedback data directly to the mobile devices of all employees, from the frontline to executives, and makes it easy for them to review customer feedback and take immediate actions to improve experiences.

MedalliaMobile2 (2)Calling a customer immediately to recover them after a bad experience is made possible by Medallia Mobile 2. It gives employees the ability to review survey and social feedback, alerts employees when new customer feedback comes in through surveys or social media, and enables them to reply directly to customers through the application, all on the go. The application also records how and when alerts are closed for management tracking. The features that Medallia engineers added to the latest version of this application give frontline employees a detailed analysis of customer feedback, and facilitate their response to the customer to improve his or her experience.

These in-app features save precious time and streamline the process of responding to customer feedback. Instead of sending employees back to their desktop or laptop computer to open up a separate application, the Medallia Mobile 2 app provides employees with a single dashboard to track and manage everything they need to close the loop with a customer.

Addictive Interfaces 

One our favorite mobile stories comes from an executive of a leading luxury hospitality company. The mobile app is so addicting, he joked, that if he happens to wake in the middle of the night, first thing he grabs is his phone to check if any new alerts came in through Medallia.

One of the greatest benefits of delivering feedback to employees’ mobile devices is that it allows employees to actively track how they affect customer satisfaction. Like the countless games and social apps that have become a part of many smartphone users’ daily routines, the Medallia application is designed to be a fun and addictive way to get employees engaged with the customer experience.

Medallia Mobile 2 excites frontline teams and executives by sending them up-to-the minute scores and alerts about customer responses. By empowering employees with tools to boost their specific customer satisfaction numbers, the mobile app helps businesses boost overall employee engagement.

Feedback for a Mobile Planet

The mobile feedback application is designed to complement the customer experience management solutions Medallia already offers for companies to collect feedback from customers on the go. With so many customers already using mobile devices to register how they feel about everything from purchases to personal interactions, it made sense for Medallia to set up a mobile-optimized survey platform. Now, in addition to collecting feedback from customers on their mobile devices, the platform also sends that feedback directly to employees’ mobile devices, setting up an immediate response loop to improve the customer experience.

Compatible with iOS and Android, Medallia Mobile 2 is available at both Apple iTunes and Google Play online stores. For more information, contact inquire@medallia.com or visit Medallia.com.


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