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The fabulous world of Chanel Jewelry

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The brand revolves around the sensational icon founder Coco Chanel known as an ultimate fashionista who created trends for women in France and all over the globe. Her humble beginning as a seamstress to a licensed modiste and finally a dress designer for the elite got her noticed and in vogue for her unique out of the world creations. Be it fragrances, or her own couture for personalized clients and movies or jewelry that she designed, she set a new level of style.

In jewelry she created enchanting ornate designs which are timeless and look contemporary even today. The costume jewelry products have a touch of her mystic personality daring to charm the world with unusual sense and sensibilities. Some creations display her love for contrasts like diamonds mixed with rock crystals, using contrasting textures rough and very polished, in others contrast of colors – black and white. The opposites come together beautifully blending in the finest of taste.

Chanel ‘High Jewelry’ was founded in November 1932.When the diamond business was in great depression merchants turned to Coco Chanel who was considered the savior of ‘Fine jewelry’. They banked on her Midas touch to create an upsurge in the market. Her vision of new styles of jewelry for women made her demand the impossible in the Parisian workshops. This confluence of technical brilliance with modern innovative designs has set the brand at new heights.

When she said “I wanted to cover women in constellations,” the “Comet” collection was born. The stars and comets all look heavenly in the form of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. A mix of diamonds, sapphires, in white gold and platinum sets them apart from the mundane. Women feel privileged to be a part of this cosmic creation, and wearing this collection brings out the special feeling of owning Chanel.

Coco characterized freedom; and through her designs freed women of the stiff jewelry that are stifling and just about ornamentation. The Ultra collection displays unique blend of white gold, white and black ceramic, and diamonds. This simplicity with a retro look amazes the style definers. Current collections include High Jewelry, Camelia, Comete, Baroque, 1932, Ultra, Bridal and Watches.

The delicate feather is a major attraction in the latest ‘Plume de Chanel’ collection it is creating ripples for its delicate detailed craftsmanship maintaining simplicity of design, the petit feather studded with diamonds set in white gold adorns as rings, necklaces, and brooches. The diamonds are carefully put together and post extensive inspection of the finished products before they are brought to the market.

The Baroque costume jewelry collection is a mix of pearls, pink and yellow gold, onyx, white agate diamonds and stones speak about the various influences in her life. They are enlarged forms of fantasies that she dreamt for women.

The camellia in inspired by the fact that it was the favorite flower of Mademoiselle which has made it the emblem of the brand. The spring collection draws inspiration and creates beautiful rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings around the flora.

The blend of contrasts, colors and precious semi precious stones a new range is created and reinvented every day at Chanel. Don’t you want to be a part of this constellation?

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